Kimberley Simon

Kimberley Simon – April 22, 2014

Kimberley Simon is a Wisdom Guide and Creative Emergence Catalyst

A Creative Emergence Catalyst helps people bring about life change and move out of their comfort zone by utilizing their skills to their fullest potential.

Kimberley gives advice on how to keep your inspired excitement and nurture yourself.

Being a happy and magnetic person, causes others you come in contact with to seek you out, change their state of mind. Smile, make their day and see what it does for yours.

What would happen in our lives if we stopped blaming others and stopped taking everything so personally?

Kimberley discusses the bad sides of social media.

What does Kimberley get from working with stones, young living essential oils and through her writings?

2014 has a different kind of energy than years past for Kimberley and she explains why.

April 28, 2014 starts the 21 Day Get Moving Challenge with Nichole Kellerman, visit, move the body move the energy.

Kimberley talks about her Unleashing the Shameless Woman project, coming this summer.

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Jim’s Final Thought: What’s the future of The Malliard Report…. Listen in to find out!

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David L. Kaas

David L Kaas  – April 8, 2014

David L Kaas is the author of “Farm Physics – A New Cure and More” find it on

Our bodies are full of South Spun Eletrons, but we’re drinking North Spun fluids, what is it doing to our health?

What is the ‘Self Spun Fluid Concept’? Watch the ‘New Cure and Everything Else’ videos on

David shares his own incredible health changes after he started using this method 20 years ago.

How much are microwaved foods and fluids hurting your body?

David L Kaas ran for President of the United States in 2012 and plans to run again in the 2016 election under the write in ballot. Find out about his ideas for his campaign.

David talks about his experiences with aliens, his beliefs on what’s going on and about Agenda 21.

Were we really on the moon in the late 60s?

What is the Galactic Federation of Planets and what does David believe will happen in 2015?

Jim’s Final Note: After 51 weeks of nonstop work, Jim will be taking a much needed week off on April 15,2014. Join us again on April 22,2014 when we have Kimberly Simon as our guest.

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The Malliard Report

Live Call in show About Aliens 2014

Aliens – Live Call In Show – April 1, 2014

According to Fox News, 1/3 of Americans believe in Aliens.

What do Aliens look like?

Jim discusses the Egyptian Pyramids, Area 51, Roswell, Stonehenge and Devil’s Hole and their possible connection to Aliens.

We have great people that work for our government and within the intelligence community, but it only takes one to confirm that we have an Alien.

What are some Alien hoaxes?

Dixie calls in to discuss here personal experience with Aliens, what she calls Greys.

Buzzy calls to discuss an experience he had as a child in Northern Illinois and what if anything the Aliens had to do with the making of the Egyptian Pyramids.

The Host from The Rev’s Report calls in to talk about Flight M370 and possible reasons for it’s disappearance. Do Aliens walk amongst us? What are his beliefs about us being on the moon?

The Poll Results Are In: Zak Bagans has won the “Biggest Name in TV” honors!

Jim’s Final Thought: Old cemeteries are not places that should be investigated, they are hazzardous. Have respect and investigate safely.

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Ariel Conn

Ariel Conn – March 25, 2014

Ariel Conn is a Seismologist that has started a project to link Paranormal Activity and Earthquakes.

There’s seismic activity on the East Coast, but how much..

How does being a Seismologist mesh with the Paranormal?

What made Ariel want to build her project

Ariel wants your REAL Ghost Stories, go to to tell her your story and help with her scientific study on Seismic Activity and Paranormal Experiences.

She has started another project called P.E.T.S., People for the Ethical Treatment of Scientists.

Can earthquakes be predicted?

Are there induced earthquakes? Where in the United States is this happening?

Everyone wants more science applied to the paranormal, share your paranormal experiences with Ariel Conn at

What’s next for Ariel Conn?

Follow Ariel Conn on Twitter @ScienceGhost, @ArielConn and visit her website

Jim’s Final Thought of the Night: There will be a big breakthrough in the field of the Paranormal within the next few years.

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Roy Condrey

The Malliard Report

Roy Condrey from – March 18, 2014

- Where did the idea for come from?

- What are the costs involved with doing a search?

- What’s included in a “Died In House” report?

- How many reports has done?

- Are there any state laws that require homeowners to disclose the deaths within a home when it’s being sold?

- In Roy’s opinion, Does a death in a home impact the sale?

- Has Roy come across any truly remarkable information while doing these reports?

- Roy Condrey shares his own ghost story.

- You can find Roy Condrey “Died In House” at, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter @DiedinHouse

- Jim’s final thought tonight is on “Historical” locations charging fees to Paranormal Investigators.

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The Malliard

David Rountree

David Rountree – March 11, 2014

David Rountree is a Physicist, Paranormal Researcher, Author and Wolf Shaman.

-Tune in to hear David tell us about his study on Mediums.

-What types questions does he not liked to be asked during an interview? David loves the tough questions.

-How does David Rountree feel about Paranormal Radio and the direction it is going?

- We discuss his book “Paranormal Technology: Understanding The Science Of Ghost Hunting”, a book to provide a scientific method to ghost hunting.

-Many years ago, a Lakota Medicine Man sought out David to have him train as a Shaman. What are the prerequisites to train as a Shaman? Many forms of religion have base forms of Shamanism within them.

-David Rountree and Robbie Lunt wrote the new book “Demon Street, USA: The True Story Of A Very Haunted House”, a warning to those who would explore the paranormal. Evil exists!

-David explains a few pieces of equipment, for example, the Quadralator and RVPR. Check them out on his website

-Learn about Cold Plasma Orbs.

-David discusses an upcoming Peer Review Page and the work of Hans Holzer.

-It’s been about 7 years since David Rountree has posted his evidence photos online, find out why.

-Find out about his upcoming events for 2014.

-Tune into David Rountree’s show the Devil’s Advocate on Wednesday March 19, 2014 and every other Wednesday.

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Mediums and Investigations

The Malliard Report
Paranormal Investigations and Mediums Live Call In Show – March 4, 2014

- Should Mediums be part of Paranormal Investigations?
- How can Mediums help?
- How can Mediums hurt?

- Renee from “Renee Live” calls in and talks about how she feels Mediums should be part of Paranormal Investigations and why.

- Richard from the UK calls and discusses why he is against using Mediums.

- Silvia Rossi talks about her feeling on blindfolding Mediums prior to investigating a location.

- Dr. Kimberly Rackley explains the difference between Physics and Mediums and how she thinks a Medium should be conducting Paranormal Investigations.

- Cornelia from California calls in and talks about how having a Special Needs child opened her up to a particular situation during one of her investigations and also suggests doing a two night investigation when using a Medium, one night with the Medium and the other without.

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The Malliard
Guest-call in show, no official guests

Rob Gutro

The Malliard Report

-Rob Gutro is an Author, Meteorologist and Medium

-How did he know he was a Medium?

-What is it like for him as a Medium?

-Has he ever come across a spirit that’s afraid to cross over because they are scared of the unknown?

-Why does Rob call himself “Medium Rare”?

-What made him want to write both of his books “Ghosts and Spirits Insights From A Medium” and “Lessons Learned From Talking To The Dead”?

-Learn about the next books Rob Gutro has coming.

-How did he get involved in his Ghost Hunting team?

-How does a Medium work during an investigation?

-Rob tells us about some of his experiences as a member of a ghost hunting team.

-What’s his feelings on the Ouija Boards?

-What are Rob Gutro’s goals in investigating the paranormal?

-How does being a Meteorologist help Rob when he is working on an investigation?

Jim’s Final Thought:

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The Malliard

Juan Vincent

The Malliard Report
Juan Vincent

February 18, 2014

- Get a general history of the Tarot Cards. What’s the difference between a deck of Playing Cards and a deck of Tarot Cards?

- Juan Vincent has designed three different Tarot Card decks, how long did it take to create them and what goes into making a deck of Tarot Cards?

- When shopping for Tarot Cards, how do you know which deck is right for you?

- How do Mediums feel about Tarot Cards?

- Juan Vincent grew up in the Catholic religion, how’s does that blend with his work in Tarot Cards?

- Can Tarot Cards be mishandled and open up something negative?

- Juan Vincent’s advice for aspiring Tarot Card readers.

- What’s coming up in the future for Juan Vincent and his Tarot Card decks? Get the inside scoop.

- To find out about future seminars and to purchase your deck of Tamaraw Tarot Cards go to and follow Juan Vincent on Twitter at @tamarawtarot.

- Listen to the podcast to get involved in the giveaway!!

Hear Jim’s Final Thought on Paranormal Standards and follow Paranormal Standards on Twitter at @ParaStandards

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The Malliard

live calls about UFO

The Malliard Report (rough live show)
February 11, 2014- live calls about UFO

- UFOs were the very first interest that Jim had in the Paranormal, from watching shows like the X-Files when he was young.

- M.U.F.O.N.: The Mutual Unidentified Flying Objects Network

- Was a crash at Area 51 reversed engineered? Area 51 has now been declassified.

- Do Astronomers have deep space photography of UFOs?

Caller Celestial shares her story on a UFO sighting from her backyard in Florida.

- The West Coast, New Mexico and Colorado have the most UFO sightings in the United States, according to online maps.

- Jim shares some facts from Educating Humanity: From 1948-1969 the United States Air Force worked on Project Blue Book where they looked into 1200 reports on UFOs, out of those 1200, 600 could not be explained.

- Are our Governments keeping UFOs a secret from us? How many members of the government have the information and what keeps them from sharing it?

- Are we as a society ready to know if we are not alone in this universe?

Caller Lindsay from the UK tells us about a UFO viewing spot 10 miles outside her town with a phenomenon called “Longdendale Lights” that were responsible for WWII plane crashes giving the area the nickname “UFO Alley”

- UFO Stories from History.

- Has dialogue really opened up enough for us to be comfortable having open discussions on UFOs? What’s the future of UFOs, will they become more prevalent as we start to accept them?
The Malliard