I have been psychic my whole life. I was named a Soul retriever and Soul Overseer by a native American Chief. I often speak to the dead but I’ve never advertised, and I never take money. Bad Karma, bad juju or whatever. I also have known, since I was young, that I was a very old soul and remembered what it was like to fly the Cosmos, and my ‘name’ was my energy signature, The next memory was manifesting in the material plane, into Atlantis, the FIRST incarnation. So….I am currently unemployed, disabled and have spent the last two years just re-familiarizing myself with the esoteric. I was writing Doctor Who for awhile over on Teaspoon (, also writing my own novel, but my disability has really curtailed a lot of that. Now I spend my days looking for programs like yours, listening, watching and sometimes learning but, there’s not much I don’t know. I truly appreciate everything you are doing, and that’s why I am a fan and signed up for your show. I could be ghost hunting, but I would be sending the ghosts over to the other side, rather than making a show out of it but where’s the fun in that? LOL! I’ve also fought off a demon or two. They REALLY don’t like me. Bullshitters don’t like me, either. Sorry, but I have to be that blunt. I always am. I refuse to sugar-coat anything; there’s no time for that. So…..bless you, keep doing what you are doing, and when I win my case with Disability (I suffer from Motion Disorder/Atypical Parkinson’s from a car accident), I will be paying for live content/books, etc. If you know anyone that might need my help or counsel in your travels, who live near the Hedgesville, WV locations, I am available, but this is between you and I. I am on Facebook and twitter, but I’m not professional to invest in a website. Like I said, bad Juju. I sometimes go by the handle Angelbev21. That’s about as pro as I can get. LOL! Take care, God bless, and keep those fantastic reports coming!!