• Heather Lee

    Your Brief Bio:┬áSince I was 8 years old, I’ve been into the paranormal .Not only am I a seer but […]

  • Mikee

      Your Brief Bio: I love Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla and feel the world awakening ever since I read […]


    Always interested in hearing others experiences with the unknown, paranormal, spiritual,odd and obscure. I am a believer of all of […]

  • Evan

    I am a family man with a thirst for knowledge. Can’t keep my kind of the unknown and want to […]

  • Jody H.

    Mom of 3, coffee addict, pizza and pasta lover. Hoarder of great books (actual books). I believe that this world […]

  • zac509

      Im bigfoot and ufo .I just dont know for sure what they are.pacific nwest 39 male