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The Deep State and JFK with Roger Stone


Full Interview with Roger Stone

Yeah it’s just remarkable this stuff. And we haven’t even talked about the JFK stuff that came out, thank you for getting that out there first and foremost, or helping get that out there.

Well I think that president made a sound decision. It is time for transparency the Central Intelligence IA argument and the deep state argument that this would harm or expose their sources, expose their methods, well their methods need to be exposed, expose their operations there’s no existing operations still in place that was in place in 1963. I think the president by saying everything that doesn’t regard a person who is living should be released. They could redact things about people who are still alive, but that would be very very little. Now the question is what about the material that has already been released that is so heavily redacted under the 1992 JFK records act so as to be useless. What about that? Will that be redacted? You know, there are a lot of questions here.


Pardon me, will that be unredacted, will that be unredacted, pardon me. Which I would urge the president to not do. So the fight goes on, but look he made a bold and courageous decision here. The deep state, the what Eisenhower called the military industrial complex, those guys moved aggressively in a rear-guard action to try to cover up as much of the material that had been classified that Trump ordered to be released as possible. But it became pretty clear that between the documents they were holding back and the amount of information they were redacting and censoring, that the documents were worthless, this became an exercise in nullifying the president’s decision. Essentially countermanding him using this bureaucratic censorship so I think the president has done the right thing and we have learnt a number of things. For example, we have confirmation that the KGB conducted their own investigation on behalf of the Russian state and they concluded that Linden Johnson was chief architect of John Kennedy’s murder. We’ve learned that French intelligence had done their own investigation through questioning Jacqueline Kennedy and they determined that Linden Johnson was the man who orchestrated John Kennedy’s murder. We’ve learned that there was a report in the FBI files in which a witness saw/identified Tippit as the shooter and we also had a witness that described two men leaving the scene of the Tippit’s murder running, neither of whom which matches the physical description of Oswald. So we are still picking through the material but there is a lot of very interesting material. I was hoping they would shed some light on the fact that we have inevitably have this telephone conversation between LBJ and FBI director Hoover in which Hoover tells Johnson that the man photographed in Mexico City, the man who shows up at the Soviet and Cuban embassy is not and does not resemble the Lee Harvey Oswald who was arrested in Dallas.

 Just remarkable, but the other thing that gets me, I mean I’ve known about it for a while but I guess when this all came back up, is the CIA intelligence brief about calling us all as people the question of the official story conspiracy theorists, and that just burns me, cus you know we are supposed to believe everything we are told and then…

 Well, look I think this has to do with the change in our media, when we had their networks and a handful of newspapers had a monopoly on all political and civil discourse and we now know from these very documents that the CIA had at least 40 reporters/media ties/reporters/journalists on the table to spin their disinformation, it was easy to perpetrate a cover up and it was easy to have one narrative. Oswald was a lone nut commie and shot Kennedy and he worked alone and all 3 shots came from the rear, and there was no forum, there was no place to have an alternative theory, there was no room to publicise counter information. Internet has changed all that dynamically not only has it given rise to a world bust in vibrant alternative media, but it has given you know an alternative forum for those who have significant documented information that is in many cases more solid or more accurate than what you see in the mainstream media.