The Malliard Report needs YOU!

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1 Assistant: Assistant needed to help reviewing guests on the Malliard Report. Usually duties include leading a street team, and helping Jim Malliard keep on track with his busy schedule. Usually keeping him on his schedule, helping with reviewing potential guests of the show, and even fielding questions and everything else.

Goal– Assistant can help keep Jim Malliard on a consistent schedule, as well as helping to answer e-mails, letters, and responding to fans and vetting potential guests to the show as well as leading the street team in social media duties, projects, and goals. Reach out to Jim today.

10 Street Team Members – Street Team Members really don’t hit the actual streets promoting the show, though that’s a possibility at a later date for conventions and all. Most of the duties required are people who are willing to engage fans, and potential fans through various social media outlets, including facebook, twitter, tumblr, and even a wordpress blog. Also includes promoting the show through various web communities as well.

Goal– Use street team to fan out, and touch upon various different social media outlets. Blogging, tweeting, instagramming, youtubbing, as well as promote the show on web communities. Possibly even expanding out to host show at conventions. Reach out to Jim today.

100 Reviews – Very simple, and very effective. Reviews go a long way with helping fans determine whether to spend their time tuning into the show and listening, or not. People’s time is valuable to them, and often word of mouth is the best way to get the news out there. Gathering honest, but positive, reviews from fans will help in getting notice from sponsors and other networks as well who might also want to carry the show as well. Negative reviews though should not be discounted, but instead cataloged to determine if there’s a trend among people to allow for assessment of the Malliard Report to reach a wider audience in the Paranormal community.

Goal– Gather 100 positive reviews to condense down into a collection for potential investors, networks, and sponsors to show the Malliard Report has potential. Collect negative reviews, catalog concerns, and use as review materials only, but dont add to stated 100 goal.

1,000 Paranormal Sites – Establishment of various paranormal websites to share with other fans of the Paranormal, as well as perhaps potential locations to visit and promote the show as well to bring in additional fans of the show. At the least, could be used for potential backlinks. At the best, places that can become partnered up in promoting the show. Looking for convention websites, ghost investigations, paranormal authors, conspiracy theory websites, etc.

Goal– Gathering at least 1,000 paranormal websites to create a directory of websites to use as a means of promotion, outside of social media.

10,000 Social Shares – Easier said than done, but very doable. Using the street team, as well as the paranormal websites as mentioned above, we need to garner 10,000 social shares, either from fans of the show simply linking it on their facebooks, sharing with their grandmothers, their tweets regarding the show, or people blogging, and reblogging various shows as well as simply mentioning the Malliard Report. The goal of course is to also have 10,000 unique links according to Google search that go outside of

Goal– Possibly the hardest one of the list, but ultimately the best one to do. have 10,000 unique backlinks left behind by the street team.

100,000 followers on twitter – So far, 90,000 followers on twitter, so far, so good. However, it can be taken even further than that as we use the show as a platform to promote artists, authors, musicians, paranormal investigators, and psychics in the paranormal field. The goal is that we use twitter to not only connect with fans, but also people in the paranormal community who want to be invited as a guest speaker on the show to promote their work as well, and bring their fans to the show as well.

Goal– 10,000 more followers to hit the goal, but can go beyond that. Connect with not only fans, but other people in the Paranormal community.

1,000,000 Unique views. – Ultimately, the goal of all of this work is to hit 1,000,000 unique views to the Malliard Report. Two reasons why this is the ultimate goal to achieve. One: Not only does it help increase the Malliard Report in the search engine and ranks the website accordingly, but it also helps when it comes to monitization purposes. By using a combination of ad revenue, affiliate marketing, and everything in between the traffic to the website can be used to generate more income that can then be used to turn around and invest in the Malliard Report as well.

Goal– One million views,marketing the Malliard Report can also be used as a platform to increase knowledge of the paranormal. Not to mention, the more popular the show becomes, the more people will want to be interviewed by Jim Malliard.