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I would like to invite you to join me for a guest interview on my internet radio show, The Malliard Report – The Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio.

The Malliard Report is widely known within the paranormal circles as well as starting to cross over into mainstream talk with formerly being syndication on top Paranormal networks – KGRA and Art Bell’s Dark Matter as well as being on over a dozen AM/FM stations.

Jim Malliard’s interviewing style hasn’t gone unnoticed either.

“Jim Malliard is fair concise and honest.  I can’t ask for much more in an interview.”

George Noory – Host of Coast To Coast AM

“Keep up the good work!”

Ben Mezrich – New York Times bestseller

“I’ve been interviewed by a wide range of journalists and media personalities, from local newspapers to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. None of those interviewers were as well-prepared as Jim Malliard. It was a real pleasure doing his show. He made me feel comfortable from the get-go. I even learned a few things I hadn’t known before.”

Jim Defelice New York Times Best Seller

    “A paranormal podcast? I had a nice conversation last week on “The Malliard Report” talking about representing Israel in Africa and what a diplomat does. Give a listen.”

Ambassador Arthur Lenk – Ambassador of Israel to South Africa, Lesotho, Mauritius, and Swaziland

“Had a great interview with Jim Malliard. Enjoy”

David Paulides – the author of Missing 411

The show covers a wide variety of topics and I am excited to offer you exclusive air time so that I and my listeners can get to know you and your work better.

Please take a moment to check out to get an idea of how the show will be aired.

There is also a free podcast available on, iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube and many other sites.

Our time slot is Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

The entire hour will be dedicated to our guest and interview. Please contact me as soon as possible to arrange a date. If you would prefer we can also pre-record your interview to better accommodate your schedule.


Jim Malliard

The Malliard Report – The Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio





Join the Fastest Growing phenomenon in the Paranormal!

Let’s Grow Together!

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Back in 2013 The Malliard Report was downloaded 56,000

In 2014 that number had exploded to 135,000

2015, The Malliard Report moves to which caused some slowing in downloads to 62,000 but The immediate result, a 25% jump in the live market that continues to grow every day.  World Find has located fans in all reaches of the US, in fact, every state. The Malliard Report has a world wide audience with listeners in 145 countries. A truly diverse demographic brought together by a common fascination in paranormal events and phenomena. Off the air, The Malliard Report is fully immersed in the social media scene with over 80K unique fans.These numbers and the quality of the programming has not gone unnoticed by the critics, as The Malliard Report is now ranked in the top 3000 shows on Stitcher. It’s on the verge of blasting through to the top 100 in it’s category.

2016 The Malliard Report showed growth across the board 80,000 downloads and major upswing in YouTube views.

What does The Malliard Report have to offer to you?

With this change to, we are now able to offer more ad space at a lower rate. We will be able to deliver all of that traffic with greater exposure than The Malliard Report has had in the past.This is a prime opportunity to reach a large audience on a global scale. The current market value is estimated at $17 per thousand podcasts downloaded.  After what is generated by the live broadcast. Securing advertising on The Malliard Report is a sound investment that will quickly return its dividends.

DO you want to see your business prominently located on The Malliard Reports page?

DO you want to have your product or service displayed in the newsletter that is sent out across social media after every show?

DO you want to build your brand and customer base? 

DO you want daily exposure to thousands of Malliard Report fans?

DO you want to join a fast growing paranormal phenomena?

Contact Jim Malliard today, let us figure out an opportunity that is perfect for your business needs!

As the fans of The Malliard Report say “Keep Quacking”, we look forward to talking with you. Act soon, the space will sell quickly!


I will not be taking cash donations from listeners, yes the sponsor dollars are shorter than normal.

But I have been smart with previous sponsor income.

Have everything as cheaply done as I can without hurting the standards of the programming.

So, If you want to help the report, donate a share, a tweet, an email, whatever, give me a few minutes telling someone else. I will find the money from another sponsor soon enough.

Be Well

Jim Malliard





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