How You listen to yourself recorded? Tips?

On this episode of The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes a guest that is a familiar one, but not in the sense of recurring interviews. That warming baritone parlance that greets us each week belongs to none other than Bryan Anderson, and he is here riding shotgun with Jim to discuss working in the voiceover industry, his experiences with MUFON, the paranormal podcast circuit, and his interactions with the unknown.

As with any content producing genre (e.g. podcasts, music, film, writing, etc.) the end result is merely a tiny snapshot of many, many, hours of work, frustration, re-work, and the voiceover industry is no exception. Bryan notes that many people do not realize how much work goes into such a “small” product; one hour of content may actually be the end product of hours’ if not days’ worth of work. But don’t take this as a sympathy plea, but as a reminder to show your support for the content that you love.