Born into an open-minded family that made me a free spirit that loves the idea that we are not the best and only species in this world. That seems so boring….. so I am always seeking truth, thru various channels of learning, some resonate some don’t. Love, kindness, empathy, and trust is key to life. No matter what belief I have, you have, we are all here to learn, and guide and teach. I am a night owl, I am my best at night, I ask questions, I answer questions, I am Metaphysically and Spiritually strong and love to learn tools to understand the Paranormal world and more. If I find you interesting you will know, ask me questions I will find answers. I am new to being open on this Twitter aspect but I like it! I took the plunge. There’s souch knowledge out here! Ghost Adventures is without a doubt my show, tho I have others, GAC has has grown in their path and enlightened me, thru their own experience. I love listening to the Pod Casts on Malliard, so far the only one I have stuck with. So there ya go! Love animals, don’t eat them, stay away from “Greys” and be kind.

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