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Roger Stone talks Alex Jones and Infowars

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I’m glad to be part of that alternative media, whatever you wanna called. I don’t like the use of the word alternative, I just like to say I do what I do, but you know everybody has labels for things. You’re part of it too, how long have you been doing your radio show on Saturday’s.

Well, the stone zone was my initial website so up, right now the stone zone mostly archival, its things not by me but things about me and about what I’m doing, gotta keep people aware of my activities. Then there is stone cold truth which is a website in which I put up political opinion pieces and breaking news and I’m also reporting for Infowars and doing a radio show there. Radio and net-based 5 days a week at 5 eastern time called the war room, and I still sit in for Alex Jones every Wednesday at 3 eastern for the last hour of his show, so you know I have a syndicated radio show that was syndicated by Genesis, great people. But the Saturday slot didn’t really work out for my schedule and the opportunity to join Infowars came along so I grabbed it. That does not mean that I of course agree with everything that is broadcast at Infowars, doesn’t mean that Alex Jones agrees with everything I say at Infowars, this is something that left tries to do. If you go on CNN does that mean that you agree with Wolf Blitzer on everything? No of course not. But I stand behind everything I ever report at Infowars and I think it’s a great news site. It is the tip of the spear. It is the heart of the resistance.

 I’m just one guy, I do a lot of smaller things but I’ve always had a… I guess he was one of those people that in my mind that said if you do it right then you can carve an edge and be successful at this so.

 Look he’s a great broadcaster, great journalist and he can debate with anybody, and you know I’ve realised that in some elitist snotty circles its popular to look down on him, but I think that he is a lot more right than he is wrong, and I think his record for veracity is pretty strong. Unfortunately the water does turn off. Look at the reports.