Wolf Man ? give this clip a listen

On this episode of The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes author and parapsychologist Frank Santariga. Frank’s interest in the paranormal has been a long standing one that originates from his childhood and an experience with a UFO sighting. From that point on, Frank made it his mission to delve deeper into the world of ghosts, Ouija boards, astral projection, shamanistic practices, and much more. While Frank Santariga is an expert within the field of Parapsychology (his book Paranormal Family and Friends will highlight this) and shares a fascinating story about a phenomena in Montauk NY known as the Hangman’s Ghost, (interesting set of synchronicities: the previous episode features a paranormal research team that experienced their most intense investigation in a nearby area) the highlight of this episode is two major topics in both the paranormal and conspiracy fields: Full disclosure, and Sandy Hook.http://www.tmr247.com/frank-santariga-ufo-n-hoaxs/