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Jim reflects on 300 reports


May 31st, 2011; a day that will live in infamy…well at least if you are a fan of The Malliard Report. 200 guests, and six years later here we stand looking at the big 300. Yes, 300 episodes. Quite a milestone to say the least (and just one of many to come in the future) and to mark this special episode, the tables have been turned a bit, and Jim is on the receiving end of the questions. This week Julie (you might know her as the Twitter handle @thephilosopurr) takes the helm and brings Jim through a period of reflection over the last six years; learning insight to some of Jim’s favorite moments, topics, and just the day to day of the duck himself.

In a search for more content for his paranormal team’s website, Jim soon found himself calling into paranormal podcasts and radio shows providing input which quickly led to the position of regular co-host. The co-host role lasted for some time, but as with many things, dissolved for a number of reasons. Following this phase out, Jim was approached about the continuation of a similar project where he would be the lead guy. A little deliberation and quick trip to Radio Shack (Rest in Peace) later, The Malliard Report was born. Not expecting it to last more than a few weeks, The Malliard Report quickly gained traction, and before too long was host to some of the largest names in the industry.

Over the years The Malliard Report has hosted fantastic guests, debated topics politically, conspiratorial, and even down right spooky. Discussed cryptids, UFOs, and international infrastructure; made you think, made you laugh, and even made you say “what in the world..” but in the end it all comes back to you, the listener. The Malliard Report is alive and well because of you. Everyone with The Malliard Report would like to personally thank you for your support and continue to ask that you help spread the word, and share The Malliard Report. Thank you so much for everything, and looking forward to the journey ahead of us.