A Nazi Escape?

Ret Ralph Ganis: I also had an interest in what happened to him after the war because he was declared not guilty by the Nuremberg trials.  And then he very mysteriously, uh, escaped from an internment camp after being declared not guilty, uh, and later surfaced in Spain. Now he died in 1975. So from 1950 when he surfaced in Spain until 1975 a, he was a great man of mystery. And everyone, uh, you know, to this day had been curious about what he was doing after the war. When was he involved in the, the infamous Odessa underground Nazi movement. Was he trying to revive the Fourth Reich? You know, he was close to Hitler. Um, no one really knew. He was an enigma. So when the papers came up for sale, I wanted to attempt to solve the enigma of his post war life. That was my intention in buying the papers. I wanted to perhaps write a book about Otto Skorzeny’s postwar like, and what he was really up to the papers are mostly business papers and correspondence and um, and mostly in German, so I had to get them translated. So that’s the best, the genesis of how I got the papers.

Ralph Ganis

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