A Nazi tie to the bin Laden raid

Also, another interesting fact about Skorzeny is, uh, is relates to the bin Laden raid, uh, Admiral McRaven, the, uh, head of special operations during the raid to get most of, some of them Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. He had written, he had written a book when he was a young naval officer when he was a seal. I’m a SPEC OPS study of this case studies with the famous special operations. And one of the, one of the case studies he uses was score. He’s a rescue of Benito Mussolini up off the mountain and 1943, so a lot of famous people and then, and now, um, we’re uh, I’m interested in, in Skorzeny and his, and his work

and some of the stuff, you know, that line, that’s the truth is stranger than fiction kind of deal. Some of the stuff that we’re talking about is definitely falling into that category. Like the rescue on a Mussolini

Ralph Ganis

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