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Aaron Keith – Jesse Iwuji


If you have listened to The Malliard Report for any length of time you can easily catch on that humor and conspiracies are a cornerstone to the report. This week’s guest has encapsulated these two principles and branched out to start his very own T-shirt company that reflects this. Aaron Keith is the founder, designer, and CEO (he’s a one man show if you haven’t deduced by now) of Veritees Apparel. A clothing line that takes conspiratorial ideas and spins them with a humor twist. On this episode Aaron shares with Jim how he got started down that proverbial rabbit trail that so many of us have come to know quite well, what inspired him to start a clothing line, and much more.
Alex Jones. What name stirs up more controversy than that of Alex Jones. Bullhorns, costumes, and theatrics that will rival that of any up and coming thespian, Alex has a way of being larger than life that you cannot help but stop and take notice. While many in the conspiracy theory communities have either turned their back on or refused to believe him from the get go one cannot deny that he has opened the eyes of many people to the conspiratorial ways.
Aaron brings his humor to the show as well as the passion he shares for things conspiracy and the unknown. He also strongly believes that his approach to conspiracy theories has been more palatable to those that may have yet to venture into the crazy world that is. It is far more easy to get a more natural and organic conversation going over a humorous T-shirt than simply stating facts to someone that may not be ready. Make sure you head over to and pick up your shirt today. For all things Malliard you stop by where you are able to catch up on past shows, sign up for the newsletter, and much more. You can also connect with Jim via Twitter @malliard.

Second Part of the Report

In all things Jesse Iwuji does, there are two constant elements: his love of country and his fighting spirit. This talented driver went from a D1A college football player to a lieutenant in the United States Navy and is now well on the way to making his NASCAR dreams an incredible reality. It has been key for Iwuji, who is currently serving in the Navy Reserves, to honor his country while pursuing and attaining excellence. It should come as no surprise that he has championed companies and charities that give back to our men and women in uniform. From