Adapting language tho History and into the future

Jim Fitzgerald –  And you know, Jim, when you think about it, it’s only been about 600 years, give or take that know Spaniards and the Italians were sailing across the Atlantic for the first time and they came upon indigenous peoples in the Americas. And granted we’re all humans and we all speak through mouth and verbal noises and sounds which represent meaning. But, you know, somewhere down the line somebody had to come up with a translator and interpreter to figure out half of the Spaniards talk to, you know, the Incas, the Aztecs, whatever or, or the native Americans, you know, Cherokees on Arapahoe, but they eventually did, um, and I know we talked about the movie arrival and here are the aliens come to Earth or not even speaking or I should say not even communicating in a spoken language but more one that’s character or symbol based that’s very temporal. And that added a whole different challenge to the Louise Banks’ character who was the linguistic protagonist in that movie. So, uh, so we have some our own similarities here on earth. But of course communicating someday we’ll assume with people from other, with, with, with creatures, with entities from other worlds will be a whole new challenge that probably no one here has really prepared for it quite yet.

James Fitzgerald and Natalie Schilling

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