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So I want to ask you this question for those expiring – aspiring not expiring that was almost bad – writers out there what would be some advice you would give them.

Yeah that’s a good question. I think first of all you have to try and write something that people want to read and I know that sounds really simplistic but the reality is you cant write for yourself. You can’t try and write literature unless you know you can find a way to do that in a commercial way .If you’re not writing what people want to read you know your writing for yourself which is fine which is great but you don’t its hard to make a career writing for yourself also I would say you know first time out you have to finish a book that’s the main thing you can’t go out with a piece of a book or an idea or story or something like that you have to sit down and really write a book and that’s going to be hard because you know you aren’t going to get paid for it at first and its many many hours by yourself but you have to prove that you can do it before anyone is going to buy your book. And you know there’s lots of different tricks of the trade and things like that but the reality is that nowadays there’s a lot more ways to publish you know you can do your own e-books now and things like that I’m still a fan of traditional publishing of getting an agent of getting a major publisher because that’s the only way you can get people to read it if you don’t have distribution if you don’t have a way of greeting publicity you know its very hard unless you’re one of those people who can do this yourself who knows how to work social media.

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