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Alex Matsuo

The paranormal genre and community has evolved and seen a number of dramatic shifts over the last decade and what was the standard has completely changed. What was an almost formulaic set up for “paranormal success” is now no longer relevant and the envelope has been pushed into a whole new realm. Investigators and content creators are changing the very landscape of the paranormal, and today’s guest on The Malliard Report has had her finger on this pulse from the very beginning. This week Jim features Alex Matsuo on the show to discuss where the field has come, where it is at, and where she believes it is heading. She also discusses some of her favorite equipment pieces, methods to investigating and more.
“Alex Matsuo is a paranormal researcher, singer, and author. She is the founder of the Association of Paranormal Study and runs the blog and YouTube channel, ‘The Spooky Stuff.’ If it’s weird, spooky, unusual, scary, macabre, or haunted, she wants to write and talk about it! Alex was recently seen on the third season of Haunted Hospitals in Episode 12 titled, ‘It Followed Me Home.’ The episode can be seen on Discovery Plus!. She has also been seen on Travel Channel’s Most Terrifying Places in America. In addition, she is the host of the podcasts, The Spooky Stuff, and Informal Paranormal. Alex has written several books about the paranormal including, The Brave Mortal’s Guide to Ghost Hunting, The Haunting of the Tenth Avenue Theatre, More than Ghosts: A Guide to Working Residential Cases in the Paranormal Field, and The Haunted Actor.”
Alex shows that she really does have the insight into the future of the paranormal field, and is an absolute delight of a guest. Make sure to check out her YouTube channel and head over to where you can follow her blogs and podcasts, order her books, and even get your own free ghost hunting checklist from Alex! For the latest in The Malliard Report, past episodes, merch, and even the live chat every Tuesday night (9 PM EST) head over to Make sure to rate and subscribe to the Report on your favorite podcasting platform and reach out to Jim through any of the social media platforms @malliard.