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Alexandra Holzer – The Paranormal Daughter


Guest: Alexandra Holzer

Well this is certainly an exciting week for “The Malliard Report” not only because of the guest that we’ve got out here to join us, but also because this weeks show breaks away from tradition to try something a little bit different from our usual style. However, have no fear as Jim Malliard proves once more why The Malliard Report is the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio when the first half of the show he brings out a very special guest; Alexandra Holzer.

Right off the bat with the show though we learn that both our guest and our host have been cooresponding to one another via twitter, having met there and exchanged messages many times. In fact, it dawns on Jim why he didn’t ask her to be on the show sooner, and we get to see why. For those listeners out there who don’t know or aren’t in the Paranormal Investigation ring, our guest Alexandra Holzer is the daughter of Hanz Holzer, one of the first Ghost Hunters that came out on the scene during the 50’s and 60’s who’s skills and equipment are still scene in use today when he normalized the field of research. In fact, Alexandra Holzer is considered one of the leading Ghost Hunters in her field today, and considers herself a second generation Ghost Hunter as well, keeping many of the traditions still going. And it’s that sort of discussion that predominates much fo the first half of the show as Jim Malliard and Alexandra Holzer discuss a myriad of different topics, such as early on with our guest talking about her father Hanz Holzer, and how his career went, as well as insight into the man and what sort of person he was. While Hanz Holzer isn’t with us still today, luckily through the hard work of Alexandra, we at least keep his spirit alive as she reveals also that she and other members of her family are currently going through her Fathers notes and journals, even if the pace is slowed down by a combination of having a lot of notes and poor penmanship to go through.

Not only that, but the discussion also becomes dominated by a multitude of other subjects as well that range from Paranormal Investigation, and the methods that are used now vs. the methods used in the past, as well as Paranormal Television and how all the current crop of Ghost Hunting shows are seemingly similar to one another and formulaic as well as being based more on spectacle than substance. Sadly though, the first half of the show does come to an end with our guest having to leave early. Though hopefully she’s welcomed back to another full interview at a later date. For those listeners who found her fascinating though, she can easily be found at .

The second half of our show though is where the difference in the Malliard Report format comes in play though. Not one to spoil anything, this part of this weeks show should not be missed as our host Jim takes on many questions fielded by fans of the show in the Malliard Report chat room. Answers to questions come lightning fast, as Jim not only answers questions about the show and it’s success, but also the long journey that the Malliard Report has been on, and where he intends to take it from. For those of us who enjoy getting an inside look, this part shouldn’t be missed.

As usual, the Malliard Report comes to an end, but as Jim is fond of saying, keep quacking and we’ll see you all next week!