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Alan Gilbreath – Renowned Skeptic

ListenGuest: Allan Gilbreath

Another well done week this time on The Malliard Report, with our host Jim Malliard showing why his show is the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio. This week our host brought out writer and renowned skeptic Allan Gilbreath to discuss a wide range of topics that included different and various genre’s of fiction that Allan Gilbreath enjoys, from conventions that he’s gone to and been a part of, to even the reasons for our guests skepticism and his views on different and various paranormal investigators and the evidence that they usually tend to find. Jim Malliard, despite being under the weather this week, still had time to talk to our guest thankfully.

In the first half of the Malliard Report, Jim Malliard started things off more or less on a more light hearted and fun pace, discussing the various events and conventions that were taking place in Chattanooga Tennessee, and how according to our guest a lot of the events and such transcend not just Paranormal interests. but a wide range of topics as well that include a lot more convention interests such as Star Trek, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and even Anime, and how he enjoyed being immersed in that sort of culture. From there, we got to sit down and discuss Allan Gilbreath’s publishing company, Dark Oak Press, and how he’s a part of it. In fact, as was mentioned in the program, Dark Oak Press covers a wide variety of differen’t genre’s and subject matters that include fantasy, steam punk, sci-fi, young adult, and even some non fiction as well.

That of course led our host, Jim Malliard, to move onto discussing Allan Gilbreaths views on the difficulty of becoming a successful author, since our guest is an author himself. The answers that he gives though might even cause a big of discussion, no matter whether you agree with our guest or not. It’s well worth a listen to just to hear his opinions on the matter as well.

Most of the discussion though that was brought up however revolved mostly on how writers can break into the business of writing, and becoming published, with Allan Gilbreath explaining that in his opinion, it’s not the best writer with the most creative story that makes it successfully, but the most determined one, since starting out you’ll have to deal with a lot of rejection in finding a publisher, although you have to keep at it. A lesson that our host Jim Malliard agreed with, finding similarities between publishing, and Radio and all. From there the first half ends with Allan Gilbreath’s views and thoughts regards the various different genre’s of writing that he involves himself with, and enjoys.

The second half of the interview however is truly where a lot of the more personal discussions take place, when Jim Malliard decided to change gears from writing and publishing to Allan Gilbreath’s views on his noteriety as a known skeptic, and the basis of his skepticism. Viewers of the Malliard Report of course might find that the reasons for his skepticism are pretty interesting, and a lot of the answers that our guests gives might even surprise you. All of which is well worth listening to as our Host and our Guest discuss their thoughts, and opinions that even include Allan Gilbreath’s views on some paranormal investigators, and the techniques that he doesn’t approve of that lead to his skepticism.

After ending our show with Jim Malliards thoughts, I think the listeners of the show might even agree that this one was quite the exciting hour, and shows why The Malliard report is definitely the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio.