Ancient Alien Theorist from the man himself

ancient, ancient, ancient alien, purest. Every time you do that or is that, is that saves on tape somewhere?

Well, well, no, no, no, no, no, no, that’s, it’s, you know, it’s funny because we just did a, uh, alien con here in, in June in Pasadena. We’re actually, the next one is going to be not that far away from you. We’re doing one in Baltimore at the beginning of November. And what I, that the words, you know, ancient astronaut, they will say yes. It’s become kind of a catchphrase which is, which is really kind of fascinating. And uh, when I go to alien con, I’ll see people wearing tee shirts that say ancient astronaut theorists say yes. And I, I kind of joke and say that’s the reason I got the job was because I was able to say that because if you think about it, I’m used to say it, it’s, it’s not that simple to spit it out. But when I am at these conventions I have, I, I like to have fun and I know the theorist, they’re serious.
They’re scientists, they’re giving their opinions and may I, and not that I’m comic relief, but I’m not, I’m not one of them. My job is, is different. My job is to be the audience. I’m like, you. I’m like everybody else. I don’t know what the answers are. I asked the questions, I’ve got A. I’m trying to figure this out. You know, why are we here? What, what, what brought this group of molecules together to create life on this planet. I don’t, I don’t know the answer. Why is the sky blue? I couldn’t tell you. So, uh, my job is to be inquisitive, to be open to the answers, but at the same time we’re skeptical. You know, you’ve got to prove it to me. I’m not just going to buy it. Hook, line and sinker. So when I, when I go in front of the, uh, the people at the alien conventions, most of you in Baltimore look forward to this.
Uh, in June there were, I guess were about 4,000 people in this room. And I was introducing Giorgio sucralose and Erich von Daniken at a panel. And by the way, both of those people will be at alien con in Baltimore. And so I tell a little story about how I got the job and at the end I say ancient astronauts theorists say, and I hold the microphone out to the audience and 4,000 people as one go yes. And it’s so much fun, you know, I’ll be walking through the crowd and they’ll say it, say it, say it, say it. And of course, you know, I’ll go up and I’ll do it for them. And they, it’s just such a, a, a pleasure for me to see these people so happy and enjoying something that, you know, there’ll be a time in my life would, no one will ask me to say anything. In fact, they’re probably telling you, tell me, please shut up. So I’m certainly enjoying the fact that for this moment in time, people are having, uh, having, having some fun with it. And I’m having fun with them. So I’m incredibly approachable and I’m, I’m just like everybody else. I just happened to be the guy that got picked to say those words. That’s where it’s going to be on your headstone.
It’s no, I think will be possible. Was it Johnny Carson? He put on his sets. Done. It was like, I’ll be right back or whatever it is. Yeah. Well I told you, I told you I was sick. Was like, this is a book of what people put on headstones. It’s pretty funny. So yeah, that, that might be a lot to think about that as to what I should do because it’s also the stuff I did for starcraft is pretty popular too, but ancient alien system, a lot of fun. Anytime you get to do a job as an actor after that goes for 13 seasons. I mean that’s crazy. That long. A job is just so rare and it’s so. And the show is actually getting more popular if that’s possible. Um, the ratings are a great. The people that it’s alien con in Pasedena over those three days it was a complete sellout and the top ticket was close to $600. I mean, that’s a lot of money for people to come out, especially if you’re coming in with somebody or failing people coming from all over the country to this.

Robert Clotworthy

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