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Andrew Pyper

It is said that energy has a way of imprinting itself on buildings and objects, especially when it is of great trauma or significance. If there ever was such an American building that would hold up to this ideology, the White House is the prime candidate. Presidential deaths, worry, strife, whispers of war, and all-out tragedy; the halls resonate with nearly three centuries of palpable energy. This energy undoubtedly calls out to the spiritual realm, drawing in those that have wandered its hallowed halls. This week on The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes a writer that has captured said essence in his latest novel The Residence. On this episode, Jim is joined by Canadian author Andrew Pyper.

Originally from Stratford Ontario, Andrew Pyper is an author and the University of Toronto Law graduate that is fascinated with the strange and peculiar along with a passion for teaching. In addition to being a #1 Canadian Best Seller, “…A number of Pyper’s works have been acquired for TV or feature film. The Homecoming is being developed by eOne with Andrew acting as Co-Creator and Executive Producer. Other active projects have not yet been announced.”

Andrew is another example of a fantastic guest that truly is a fantastic storyteller. You can keep up with the latest that Andrew is working on through his website in addition to being able to purchase all of his publications and links to all of his social media. For all things, Malliard head over to where you are able to catch up on past shows, subscribe for the newsletter, purchase Malliard merch, join in on the live chat every Tuesday 9 PM EST and so much more! Reach out to Jim on all social media platforms @malliard and remember to rate and subscribe through your favorite podcasting app!