Are you ready to talk with Aliens from outer space?

No, no, no. Oh, the prefix. So, uh, there isn’t a sub branch of linguistics that considers. Okay. Well, if he was coming into contact with aliens at some point, what possibly what type of form could their mind which have and could humans actually communicate with them.

 That’s just mind blowing. I mean, that’s, I mean, we talk, I talk a lot about paranormal Ufos, all that fun stuff. And I guess I have, I’ve, I’ve jokingly said I’d go run on, jump on the ufo just because. But I guess I never really fought myself  enough to say how would I communicate with them once I got on the ship and not get myself killed? So where does this even, where’s the root of the set? I mean, I can understand the mood of our languages that we know, but how did this even come up?

I mean, obviously there’s a lot of speculation, but if you think about, oh my gosh, any, you know, find fiction movie theory. So if you remember, of course we all know star trek and they had their communicators that enabled them to somehow mysteriously communicate with, you know, anybody, any creature of any race, even though they were all speakers. Have, you know, English American English. Um, you know, that sort of thing. I’m calling on his EPA. Very interesting. That’s an, you know, an invented alien language is actually now an entire language even though it’s embedded, it’s obviously not from real clean on, invented by humans. So that’s the subfield of dino linguistics. If humans encounter aliens at some point, what would they talk? Like if we’re making a TV show or a movie or a series that included aliens, what is their language like? So what do we do to make it, to invent a language for aliens?

James Fitzgerald and Natalie Schilling

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