Area 51, Fort Knox and Missing Gold?

 This seems to be my question when I have smart people. One, maybe you can help, maybe you can give me a little bit better answer on this one. I look at Fort Knox were supposedly air quotes. All the gold is supposed to be and there’s, you know, there’s a major highway running. I mean like right in front of it. And then I look at area 51. What’s the, what does it now it’s way over a mile. Now it might be getting close to two miles away that you can’t get in anywhere near before you get met by a, a nice armed guard who’s telling you to move on? Am I missing something or if we just overplaying this or all the gold at the area 51

i dont know about the gold. But that should prove to anybody that they’re more concerned about what to do. Fifty one and they are which in Fort Knox. And uh, in fact, uh, you get into Fort Knox, get into some really weird conspiracy theories. Uh, one is, uh, I know that some years ago, I think it was Germany at one of their gold back, they’ve had a whole lot of gold and they watched it over here and they said we want it back in the United States. Number one wouldn’t give it back and when they then start raising cane, I think they were going to go to court or whatever. They said, well, go, okay, we’ll give you some back. And they gave him some back. But not all of it. There’s something going on with gold. There is a magical, mystical quality to go, excuse me. And, uh, and there’s even the idea that they’re, you know, a lot of people say there’s no golden Fort Knox.

[34:30] And then others say no, there’s some gold there. But, uh, and this hasn’t been known to happen and they did with this, with some gold, uh, after World War Two, they take the gold they melted down and then they recast it with a bit iron or some other metal in there. And okay. Then there’s all the gold. We bars are still there, but they’re not pure gold. And so that’s how you can siphon a lot of the worth out of the gold situation. And of course there’s just all kinds of stories and conspiracies narratives about, uh, about the Japanese that had all this gold and it got stashed in the Philippines. And then you’ve got the Nazis and their gold and all got hidden away and they recovered tons and tons of stuff. And yet according to authoritative sources, that wouldn’t. All they had, they, they got more somewhere.

Jim Marrs – investigative journalist

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