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Arizona Tramp

Crawling out “from a dark, damp, stench infested laboratory that smells of decomposing bodies of tweakers and crack heads used in alien experimental research” is this week’s guest on The Malliard Report. With a name that conjures up images of melting heat, saguaro cacti that tower over the landscape, and creatures of all types waiting to kill you with some form of venomous bite or sting, but actually hailing from western Ohio; Arizona Tramp joins Jim to discuss UFOs, missing time incidents, and all the joy associated with podcasting.

The concept of missing time is an event that is widely associated with paranormal experiences, especially encounters with UFOs or aliens. While the event of the sighting or abduction is often the key focal point (as it should be), the whole missing time element is frequently overlooked. Strangely enough a subject that does not garner more attention in the alternative thinking communities, time and its oddities are becoming a growing topic of research and discussion in the fields of high level academia.

The idea of time and how it works is highly debated, but one thing that is quickly coming to an overall census is that the whole notion of how time works has been wrong. For most people, and for many years, time has been viewed as a linear object. While relatively, yes, this is the case (you are born, you live, you die…sorry for being totally blunt there, but it is the truth) however, as an actual “thing” it is completely incorrect.

A growing theory on how the universe works, and that could explain events like missing time (hate to crush the paranormal part of this, however, it still is very strange) lies within the idea of string theory. While explaining theory is something that would take an entire dissertation, it can be somewhat (very loose term here) explained as follows. The universe is made up of numerous interconnected “strings” and these strings (along with the entire universe) is constantly vibrating. Now it is suggested that the concept of time travel or even elements such as lost time can be explained with these vibrating strings and wave like formations. Now a postulated theory on how these elements of lost time occur can be seen like this. Imagine that you are sitting on a surf board just outside the breakers with three friends of yours. You are facing the shore while your friends are facing the surf as a large wave rolls in. They are able to ride the wave to the shore while it simply crashes over the top of you. The same amount of “time” has passed, but you and your friends are in two different locations. What if these lost time moments are simply people having a vibrating string wave crash over the top of them instead of riding it forward like the rest of the universe around them? Just something to ponder over.

You can catch Arizona Tramp’s podcast “Black Swamp Radio” via his live stream over at and connect with him via Facebook ( however there may be a delay due to some major tech upgrades in the near future. If you reach out and don’t hear anything soon, don’t fret, just takes some time to catch up. To keep up with all things Malliard make sure to head over to the website and of course you can reach out via Twitter @Malliard.