Ask Jim 2019


The fall season invokes so many differing emotions and feelings for people. Images of Jack-o’-lanterns fill every store front, pumpkin spiced everything clutters the shelves (as someone who actually likes pumpkin, there is too much…the line needs to be drawn) and the annual Malliard Prediction show is right around the corner; and what a prediction show it will be. However, this is not that show. This episode is however a fan favorite. A type of show that a frequent clamoring for more is often heard. This week on The Malliard Report, Jim features live call ins.

One of the biggest drivers of this episode, will be a primary focal point in the upcoming predictions episode, and will be shoved down your throat pretty much 24/7 next year will be the election. It does not matter if you believe things are the worst that they have ever been, America is once again great, or that it really is all the same ; different puppet, same sting pullers, one that can be agreed on is that this year will see an unprecedented amount of mudslinging , Twitter rants, and WTF moments. One could only hope that a possibility (a prediction from Jim once before, and confirmed from another source) of a legitimate third-party candidate making into the final running. A candidate that would disrupt the current order of things and show that people are sick of being handed the same thing over and over again. Who this potential third party is still a mystery as of now, but when the time is right, they will certainly reveal themselves and the people will take notice? Will it be a former governor/wrestler? Do we toss out the old ways and allow a near supervillain level genius to run? Time shall only tell.

Call ins are always fun shows, and it is always great to hear from the listener base from time to time. Want to call in and be a part of the action too? Head over to for the latest updates, catch on past shows and show much more. Also, you can reach through any of the social media outlets @Malliard where the call-in number and times for live calls are always announced. Check it out, be a part of the group, and share in some of the most interesting and diverse topics of discussion out there.