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Ask Jim 2021

This week on The Malliard Report, the script is flipped and the question are tossed to the host. This week Jim opens up the phone lines for a segment known as “Ask Jim.” No real topics to follow and the questions are just as varied as the guests as the past. It always is a great time to hear form the listening audience and to get to hear what Jim’s thoughts are on many pressing issues.
Something to consider when listening to this show, or any other podcast for that matter, is that the opinions and thoughts expressed by the host and guest are simply that. The thoughts and opinions of the host and guest. They by in no way impact or influence your beliefs or way of life. Remember that you have an opinion too and that open conversation is healthy, even when the conversation is one of disagreement. It means you are thinking. There is a reason why the show’s tag line is “controversial yet conversational.”

So, jump in with us as we dive into the topics of sports, UFOs (or are they UAPs now? I can’t keep up), favorite guests, and a wonderful dessert run down and how to that will surely have you running for your local bakery.

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