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Ask Jim



The Malliard Report – ‘Ask Jim’ 08052014

Jim shares his thoughts on time travel into the future.

What does Jim drink while on air?

Stories about Mrs. Lincoln conducting seances in the White House.

Jan from Facebook asks about paranormal equipment.. K2 vs Ghost Meter.

Should paranormal investigations be done outside?

Michael calls in to ask Jim thoughts on Ghost Adventures and Zak Bagans?

Leslie asks about investigating in cemeteries and the problems with background noise.

Jim talks about LeBron James going back to Cleveland.

Paranormal trigger objects and Paranormal Standards.

Why would people go to paranormal events? Jim hosted his own event and gave the money to support our troops.

Les calls in and asks about seeing the future in dreams and the relation to Quantum Entanglement.

Are hot and cold spots truly related to paranormal activity?

Jim discusses baseball.

Kat asks about the Ebola virus in the US.

Which paranormal television series is Jim’s favorite and what does he feel about how they conduct themselves?

Jim’s Final Thought: I’m tried of paranormal bullies! They all fail.. What people should be doing is not slamming groups and slandering their members, but talk about Paranormal Standards!