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Barry Strohm

The spirit world speaks. It speaks to us any many different ways for many different people. For some it is through physical touch, others through digital mediums (spirit boxes, EVPs, and countless others), and some receive communication through intuitive means. Whether this is through images, direct messages, or even things like automatic writing, this is something that only a small number of people can truly say that they experience. Some may argue that anyone can tap into this ability, but most believe that this is a gift that people are born with. This week’s guest is no stranger to both The Malliard Report or spirit communication. If you have listened to The Malliard Report for some time, the name Barry Strohm will certainly ring a familiar bell.

Barry graces The Malliard Report once again, and this time he is not afraid to overturn the proverbial apple cart with his latest of spirit connections. In some of his most recent channelings, Barry has connected with some of the largest names in the religious domain. Within these channelings and connections, Barry has had tremendous information passed onto him in addition to given abilities that even surprised him.

In addition to his connecting with what can be only described as the divine, Barry has also made contact with entities outside of our stellar neighborhood. Barry shares his story about connecting with an extraterrestrial being and how they too share a common consciousness in the universe. (The idea that Earth and human beings in general are what we consider the “wrong side of the tracks” in our terms is becoming more and more believable every day.) Barry also has plans on connecting with some of the biggest names that were taken too early from us; Jack Kennedy (arguably one of the best Presidents ever) and the one and only, king of swinging hips, jailhouse blues and suede shoes, Elvis.

You can reach out to Barry and follow all of his latest adventures into the spiritual realm through his website You can purchase one of his many books through his website and other major online retailers, and he has his own YouTube channel that highlights his sessions. For all things Malliard, head over to or you can always connect through most social media platforms @Malliard.