Before you start a Voice-over career, Listen to this!

what’s been the biggest change in the voiceover? And I use it. I don’t want to say industry, but yeah, I guess it is. Since you started,

I think one of the biggest changes is just the, um, obviously the internet has been huge because now you no longer have to be there. You know, I have, I have friends.
Well, me personally, I have agents not only in California, in Los Angeles, I’m based, but I have agents in a, in Oregon, I had agents in Atlanta, I’ve agents in Texas have agents in, in Pennsylvania, in Cleveland as well, New York. So I don’t have to physically be there. And the old days you had to be there.

Plus when you do recording sessions, you don’t even have to physically be there either. A, I have friends who, especially if you’re doing a lot of promo work with these guys are having one session after the other. It’s like they get off at, they have one from one to two and then from two to three and three to four. It’s like constantly. And they basically stay at their house all day long. They have their, uh, their either their source connected there isbm line or whatever the heck it is. So they’re able to send that signal to the recording studio, wherever that recording studio is and get the work done. I, I’ve worked at studios where they were talking about a friend and they say, yeah, I’ve worked with Joe Blow for know 10 years and we’ve done hundreds of commercials together. I’d never met him. And it’s because the, I never leaves his house.

I mean it’s, it’s almost like, like golden handcuffs. It’s great, you know, because you to make it a lot of money, but you can, you can be replaced. So if you’re not available, they’re gonna find somebody that is. So that’s one of the biggest change. Also with all the, uh, different markets that are out there and not just an advertising but also in all the different channels on television. There’s so much more work that’s out there for, for voice actor. Um, you know, when, you know, the negative side to having the, the Internet. Is that set now? No longer just competing against guys in Los Angeles. I’m competing against guys in New York and they was telling me today, yeah, we were, we’re reading people in New York. People in La, it doesn’t matter, they were going to use somebody, so that means the talent pool is, is that much bigger, which means you have to be that much better to be successful.

Robert Clotworthy

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