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Bella Malliard

The conversation is about the difficulties the speaker is having with technology. They are trying to get a video up for their daughter to show off her pets, but the program keeps crashing. They express their wish that the program would just crash so they could restart it.

Two people are talking about a pet rat. The rat is mostly white with some tan markings on its back. It is two years old. The person recording the conversation notes that the video program is having difficulties, but decides to continue recording and post the video anyways. The conversation then turns to discussing the details of the rat.

The speaker has six pet rats, three of which are female. The oldest rat is female and likes whipped cream and scrambled eggs. The second oldest rat is Celeste, who is black and white. She is one year old in human years, and will turn two on the 21st. She likes to run on her wheel and eat anything. The third rat is white with red eyes, and likes to eat whipped cream and strawberries. The fourth rat is male and likes to eat eggs. The fifth rat is Saturn, who is the speaker’s favorite.

The person talking has nine pets, including rats, bearded dragons, geckos, and a dog. They say that the rats are small, only a pound and a half, and that the bearded dragons are big, about the size of Saturn. They also have a turtle that just sits in its tank all day.

And what’s your exposure? What’s your liability as a pet owner? I don’t want to take my pet out in public because if my dog bites somebody, we’re in trouble.
Having an untrained animal in the store is very dangerous for everybody. And I don’t know if you remember that one animal we saw that was growing in the shopping cart.
It’s very important for people to realize that faking a service animal, you can also get in trouble if your little mutt gets out of your shopping cart and attacks an actual service animal or the service animal’s handler.