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Bernie Taylor


How do you see yourself? When you walk past a mirror are you the type to always stop and do a double take? Do you like what you see, or are you the type to see all the “imperfections” that you think that is the only thing that others take notice. Do you project your personal awareness onto others or into the universe? This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes guest Bernie Taylor to the show to discuss his book Before Orion and so much more. Bernie believes that “…we individually project our psyche into the cosmos, in all of the animal beings and geological and meteorological formations that are encountered.”
“Bernie Taylor is an independent naturalist, thought leader and author whose research explores
the mythological connections and biological knowledge among prehistoric, indigenous and ancient peoples. His works in these areas include Biological Time (2004) and Before Orion: Finding the Face of the Hero (2017). Before Orion is premised on Joseph’s Campbell’s hero’s journey monomyth that is at the core of stories worldwide among indigenous peoples, the ancients, and our modern society. Before Orion explores a deeper root for this monomyth by looking at how hunter-gatherers viewed themselves within the natural and spiritual worlds through Paleolithic cave art from 40,000 years ago. Taylor proposes that select cave paintings are fundamental pieces in the human journey to self-realization, the foundation of written language, and a record of biological knowledge that irrevocably impacted some of the artistic styles, religious practices, and stories that are still with us. Taylor addresses a profound archaeological elephant in the room by opening up an uncharted place in our history, which points to the cultural ancestors of mankind in western North Africa. Before Orion will change the idea of who you think you are.”
Bernie is a great guest that certainly brings some very interesting insight to things and makes for a great episode. You can follow Bernie’s latest updates through his website or through his Twitter @BernieTaylorOr. For all things Malliard, to catch up on past episodes, sign up for the newsletter, and so much more, head over to You can also connect with Jim via Twitter @malliard. Also, you cannot forget our sponsor