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Live Calls about Bigfoot 2014

Listen in as Jim goes down the list of “The 10 Reasons Why Bigfoot Does Not Exist” written by Josh Fox

A story from Matt in Dallas about a Deer Hunter named Mike Wooley from Louisiana that had an aggressive encounter with Bigfoot in the 1980s.

Chad from talks about earlier reports of Bigfoot pre 1958 when the creature went by many other names like Wild Man during the Civil War, the Ohio Grass Man, Skunk Ape in Florida, Yeti and Sasquatch. Sightings in Daniel Boone National Forrest in Kentucky?

How are Bigfoot hunts done?

Talking Bigfoot with Kevin Harold from Paranormal Tech. Have there been sightings in Big Bear California? What about the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range? It can’t all be a huge conspiracy. Kevin also gives us a teaser of Paranormal Tech’s second episode, catch it here at

What should we believe, stories or the evidence we have seen so far? Are the videos mostly a hoax? Can DNA link a Bigfoot within four years?

Jim’s final thoughts… Investigations need some fine tuning.

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