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Bill Sweet – Journey into prayer


“Prayer is an unrelenting mental input into our world.”

On this episode of The Malliard Report, we dive into a topic that is not only divisive within the paranormal circles, but is also known to cause issues among those in the “mainstream”. For many, the utilization of prayer is an incredibly powerful tool: whether used for positive intentions such as the healing of a loved one, or for more nefarious acts like that of ill will to be brought upon the head of thine enemy, there is no denying that there is an element of tangibility that is worthy of scientific study.

This week’s guest is none other than Bill Sweet. Bill is an author and researcher for the Spin Drift Research Organization, and has dedicated the last forty years of his life to building a scientific case for the power of prayer and the lasting effects of paranormal and religious experiences. In addition to the backing of the Christian Science Practitioners, The Spin Drift Research Organization has received additional support from the NOETIC research group in the quantification of the various religious and paranormal experiences. After having been a featured guest on episodes of Coast to Coast AM and being the subject of multiple publications, Bill and his group are still receiving the proverbial stiff arm from all sides of the table. “Mainstream” science considers their work to be “too fringe”, religious groups consider the work to be blasphemous in nature, and the paranormal circles want to write off the work due to its Christian connotations.

While society as a whole becomes increasingly distracted and disconnected from the spiritual and physical world around them (by being too connected to technology), and with people still shying away from any paranormal experiences in fear of the antiquated stigma that is (at best) loosely attached, Bill and the team continues on. Drawing on more than just the Christian variants of prayer, Spin Drift has studied the prayers of other religious sects, both negative and positive prayer requests, and even goal directed prayers of those that consider themselves to be Atheist. So join us on this “journey into prayer” and see once again why The Malliard Report is The Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio.


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