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Bob Leavine

With only a few days until one of the largest races in NASCAR, and the true kickoff to the 2020 season, The Daytona 500 draws fans and curious onlookers alike. People with no knowledge of the sport know the significance of Daytona. This year a Toyota Camry emblazoned with the number “95” takes its spot in the number five slot on the starting grid with a rookie racer, ready to reveal his rapacious resolute. But behind the all the sponsor logos, steely-eyed drivers, and raucous fandom lies a layer business that oft-forgotten if not completely unnoticed. This week on The Malliard Report, we peel back the vinyl wrap to reveal more than high-powered horses and highlight the business acumen needed to run one of the top competing racing teams today.

This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes the head of the Toyota TRD #95 Team and Leavine Family Racing, Bob Leavine to the show. “Bob Leavine, owner of WRL General Contractors, LTD., was born in Tampa, Florida. He graduated from University of South Florida in 1968 with a degree in Industrial Management. Two years after college, while employed by DuPont in Camden, S.C., Leavine got his first taste of racing and the meaning of being a NASCAR fan. The year 1976 brought a new opportunity and adventure as Leavine and his wife, Sharon, relocated to New Mexico to start a construction company. They relocated again to Texas in 1985, and the 35-year-old business continues to prosper and reach new heights. Leavine’s skill and innovation, evident in his success in the business world, are proof of a competitive spirit, and a dedication to do whatever it takes to win. The world of NASCAR has refueled this family’s passion to make an impact on the sport they love. During the 2010 season, as an entry into NASCAR, Bob Leavine was a sponsor in the NASCAR Xfinity Series and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.”

If you are wanting to get peek at how much behind the scenes work actually goes on behind the proverbial curtain in the NASCAR world, this is certainly the episode. Bob does a fantastic job showcasing all the ins and outs that happen within the business side of one of America’s largest sports. There is so much more than simply being the fastest on the track and this episode truly highlights that. You can follow the LFR #95 team through most sports outlets and through their website Bob is also very active on Twitter and can be followed @BLeavine. For all things, Malliard, head over to or follow through all social media platforms @malliard. Make sure to rate and subscribe through your favorite podcasting app.