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Bobby Nelson – Skeptic

Leaders can get stuck in groupthink because they’re really not listening, or they’re listening only to what they want to listen to, or they actually think they’re so right that they’re not interested in listening. And that leads to a lot of suboptimal solutions in the world.”
Within the realms of the paranormal/conspiratorial/esoteric/fringe communities, hive mind mentality is an unfortunate by-product that all too often makes itself known in some of the most unfortunate ways. An idea or concept becomes so rooted into our belief systems that any outside opposing skepticism is quickly dismissed with little to no thought, and the idea of healthy debate quickly vanishes by the wayside. This in turn has a tendency to eliminate any sense of credibility for the “critical thinking” claim that we so often place on ourselves as a discerning community.

This week’s episode of The Malliard Report features Bobby Nelson; one half of the duo that makes up the Strange Frequencies Radio Team. Strange Frequencies Radio identifies itself as “…an independent produced internet radio show and podcast, broadcasting live on Sunday afternoons from 3-5pm Eastern…aim to bring fun and facts back to the paranormal, progressive thinking to social issues, as well as provide an entertaining look at the world of pop culture…the goal for each episode is simple: to provide two hours of informative, opinionated, and fun internet talk radio that engages and enlightens both ourselves and our listeners…” Bobby is currently studying psychology in hopes to gain a better understanding in to how people actually perceive paranormal experiences and the utilization of psychology within the paranormal research field. Bobby has conducted numerous paranormal investigations from both the believer and skeptic camps and believes that a majority of what passes as “credible” evidence is nothing more than “nonsense”.

As you listen to this week’s episode, we challenge you to step outside the comforts of your belief system, even if for only a few moments, and consider what arguments the opposing side may offer. Not only does this give you the opportunity to openly explore the possibility of another viewpoint and give credence to the opposing argument, but allows for your current viewpoints to become stronger. Healthy debate and skepticism is quintessential to the betterment of the paranormal field. Without these discussions we quickly fall into the trap of baseless arguments which leads to lessened credibility. Remember, keep an open mind and check your sources!

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