Bobby Nelson

Bobby Nelson

You could read the show notes from The Malliard Report’s many recorded podcasts as lots of people do but you’d be shortchanging yourself. For the best of what the show has to offer you really need to listen to the recorded shows as increasing numbers of people are doing. You’ll get more information, more details and just more of everything you want to know.
Jim explores the back story, the hidden story, the things others host’s are afraid to touch. The Malliard Report brings it all to you. Full bore. Jim says Bring it on, bring it on, nothin’ we can’t handle.
There’s the show and then there’s the show notes which give brief details for those on the run who really don’t have time to listen. But again, you are short changing yourself if you only read the show notes. Just listen to a few shows and you’ll be convinced that the show is your best bet
What are you waiting for? The show notes are good but listening to the recorded live shows is even better. Set aside some time and pick a show. Gather your friends, have a listening party, ask questions, come up with your own theories, and share them on an upcoming show. Take a few minutes and I’m sure once you listen to a few shows you’ll want to join our growing audience of dedicated and committed fans. We have the information that you’ve always wanted to know. We ask the questions others are afraid to ask and get the answers others are afraid to say. We are The Maillard Report. Listen today.

Original Show Notes

“I just want people think” Bobby Nelson… or i think he said that or something close to it.
My Thoughts
Bobby and I agree on somethings and disagree on others. But the course of the interview showed, we can talk, question and even laugh together.
Bobby’s review
I had the privilege of being on The Malliard Report November 8, 2011. Jim is a unique host, he asked me a bunch of fun questions and I thoroughly enjoyed being on the show. Though Jim is a believer and I am the infamous skeptic, we do agree on some things, it was actually what most of this interview was about. There was some joking going on and I did drop the word hate a few times, maybe even in spots that I didn’t mean it, but hey, it was said and I can’t take it back.
My only complaint actually only proves my point. In the chat there was a person who had to resort to ad hominem attacks when they couldn’t defend their stance. However it was when they accused me of doing the same thing and cowardly signing off is was made me mad. This put a strong distaste in my mouth…but I have to remember that this wasn’t Jim nor was it his show.
Overall I really enjoyed the show and I hope I am invited back on.

No Audio
Looks like they got ahold of another one…while we try and wrangle the beasts, feel free to enjoy one of the many other great episodes of The Malliard Report.

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