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Brian D Parsons


In an era where sensationalism and showmanship supersede facts and critical thinking it is refreshing to come across someone that places evidence ahead of entertainment. This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes Dr. Brian D Parsons to the show to discuss his podcast, ancient aliens, Tom DeLonge’s “adventure” into UFOfology, and super heroes.

Starting out as a paranormal investigator in the mid-90s, Dr. Parsons has always kept a close watch on the goings on of the paranormal world. From hoaxes and urban legends that circulate the internet to legitimate cases that cannot be explained, Dr. Parsons provides a scientific and realistic approach to the abundance of stories that bombard internet forums and television on a daily basis. Today, Dr. Parsons compiles a sampling of some of the best stories, and shares his thoughts and the reality behind them. While this may not be the rating driving excitement that we have come to enjoy, it provides some much needed fact in a fluff filled world.

People often laugh at the idea of Scientology: A pulp fiction writer from the 1940s leading a religion where people pay money to gain their freedom from a collection of evil intergalactic space entities. As of the writing of this, currently more than 2000 people have donated over 2 million dollars to a Pop-Punk musician in order to be part of a company that will take you through space with “electrogravitic” and beamed energy propulsion utilizing a brain-computer interface…yes. You read that right. This is a point that Dr. Parsons likes to drive home; our love for entertainment has a way of destroying our critical thinking skills. People are often quick to throw out logic because someone with status (even if they have no viable credentials) claims one thing or another.

Dr. Parsons is a very engaging guest that provides insight into many of the hot topics within the paranormal community that forces you to think outside your status quo. So go ahead and press play and jump into this episode already. Jim and Brian openly discuss the fallacies presented on a popular television program involving ancient alien contact, Nibiru (and the usage of the term “Planet X”), what really constitutes a super hero, and much more. You can follow Dr. Brian Parsons on his website and listen to his podcast over at . Remember, for all things Malliard head over to and connect via Twitter @Malliard