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Brian Dunning

Anyone that holds any sort of interest in the paranormal or conspiratorial fields will certainly be no
stranger to dissenting opinions and ideas from outside skepticism or nonbelief. One of the most painful
factors about the paranormal is that it has no way of being replicated in a regular manner so as to be
studied in a scientific fashion. We cling hold to what we saw, believe what we know, and cover our ears
and yell louder than the dissenting voice that is coming our way. Similarly, in the conspiratorial field, it is
said that what is believed could never happen, “they would never do that”, “too many people to keep
quiet for too long a period of time”, “there is just no basis for it” and so on. On the flip side of the
proverbial coin, there are those that absolutely refuse to acknowledge anything other than the perfect
infallibility nature of those that are lifted within the scientific community. Treating its leaders as near
religious deities. No matter where you stand In the era of fake news, click-bait, and hyper-
over sensationalism, it almost feels as though there is no reason or common sense when comes to many
This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes Brian Dunning to the show. “Science writer Brian
Dunning is the host and producer of the Skeptoid podcast ( with a weekly audience of
135,000 listeners, and the author of seven books on scientific skepticism. He is the writer and presenter
of the documentary films Here Be Dragons ( and Principles of Curiosity ( He has appeared on numerous radio shows and television documentaries and also hosts the science video series inFact with Brian Dunning ( A computer scientist by trade, Brian uses new media to showcase the rewards of science and critical thinking. He is a member of the National Association of Science Writers and lives in central Oregon with his family.”
Brian is a great guest and certainly brings a different approach to the show and this type of community.
He continues to work tirelessly and it is highly recommended to check out his works, which you can find
over at You can purchase his books, listen to his daily podcast, and many other things.
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