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Brian Tuohy


Guest: Brian Tuohy and Kevin Morse


This week’s Malliard Report is a very exciting one to listen to, especially for those of us who enjoy sports, and conspiracies as well. Our guests this week are both Brian Tuohy, and Kevin Morse, two very interesting figures in the world of sports conspiracies. As usual, our Host, Jim Malliard, makes things fun, and light hearted during the entire conversation he has between them all, despite the seriousness of the topics that are being discussed. Our first guest, Kevin Morse, discusses with our host his wn show and how it’s going, talking with the trials and tribulations that come with broadcasting services, of which our host knows fully well. Our second guest when Jim malliard brings him is is Brian Tuohy, a self proclaimed disgruntled sports fan who’s a skeptic of the truth when it comes to the outcome of sports, and the resulting ending of games, being a firm believer that most of the games are fixed to a certain point.

Of course, our first topic of discussion goes out to them both on who they believe to be a better person to interview between Dan Patrick, or Alex Jones, two very widely different personalities and everything, of which the answer coming from both our guests, especially Brian Tuohy, might surprise you!

The conversation from there moves onto the majority of what the Malliard Report this week end up discussing, and for good reason! The question being asked this week is if it’s possible the outcome of sporting events are fixed, and if they are, why would they be fixed to begin with? Interesting answers all around, as guest Brian Tuohy explains why eloquently, explaining that there are several advantages to fixing sporting events, and how the major players in the sports leagues can do so as there actually are no legal ramifications to stop them from doing so. Moving into the history and other controveries that surround fixed games that have happened before in the past. All of it culminating into the ultimate reason why, which usually involves money. Either in revenue, or from gambling. Of course, as anyone who’s listened to the Malliard Report and who’s a fan knows, it’s never a simple answer when our guests speak their mind.

From there of course all of it also stems from coincidences that just seem to happen when surrounding major sporting events such as World Series, or the Super Bowl, or even the sort of story line that builds up around the various play off seasons. IN fact our guests make compelling arguments when they link several incidents that seemingly happened after major American catastrophes, including 9-11 and the Patriots domination of the NFL, the incident with hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans saints winning their division, as well as the Boston Marathon bombings, and how the Boston Redsox lost their seemingly perennial losing streak to bring honor the tragedy. Of course, all of which brought revenue, prestige, and in some cases pride to the devastated area’s the year these major, catastrophic events happened.

All of it of course culminating into an intriguing interview that might ring with some listeners, and even open their eyes a little bit as well. And of course, after the interview had concluded, Jim Malliard wanted to remind all of the listeners to have a happy, and safe new years as the Malliard Report entered into the new year.