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Bronxville Paranormal Society – Nuclear Lake Investigation


In December of 1955, a small article ran in the New York Times that noted of an acquisition of a former 1100 acre hunting preserve just west of the small town of Pawling, New York. This land was sought out by White Plains based defense contractor Nuclear Development Associates because it was “…the largest convenient and available tract that was not crossed by public roads and could be adequately guarded for secret experiments.” Shortly thereafter in 1958, the private research facility that was licensed by the US Government, began experimenting with weapons grade uranium and plutonium. A private organization conducting secret testing with weaponized, radioactive material. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right?

All seemed to be going quite swimmingly until December of 1972 when an almost unnoticeable article was posted in The News Chronicle stating that a reported explosion had occurred at a fuel lab, injuring a technician and releasing a low level of radioactive contamination within the confines of the building. It was not until coverage of the explosion had reached news outlets as far west as California that the real story had finally come to the surface. The “small” explosion was actually large enough to blow out windows within the building and the “low level” of internally released radiation was actually radioactive plutonium dust that was blown out of the windows, dispersing all across the surrounding woods and 55-acre lake. Shortly thereafter, all operations were permanently halted, and a multi-million dollar cleanup effort was put into motion. By 1979 the National Park Service had purchased the land and in the 1980s the area had been given an “all clear”. What about that radioactive, plutonium dust you ask? Could this dust be the catalyst for a paranormal hot bed of activity?

On this episode of The Malliard Report Jim welcomes Al, Bill, and Brian from Bronxville Paranormal Society. Founded in 2012, and based out of New York, BPS came to be out of frustration of sitting on the proverbial side lines. Sharing a common interest of the unknown and a goal of presenting credible information confirming the paranormal, the BPS team recounts the night of one of their most incredible investigations to date. With encounters of a Sasquatch, missing time, disembodied voices, and many other unexplainable phenomena, this investigation is the complete paranormal package. The trio recalls their story in a round robin sort of format that will have you holding on until the very end and again seeing why The Malliard Report is THE Fastest Hour in paranormal talk radio.

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