Brook Lewis reviews The #Malliard Report on air.

 That’s the show

and then again let me give you accolades and props for listeners I know I’ve produced it for the T.V, radio things before and these radio show contests, all of you guys and a lot of listeners are doing your own shows too like I got to give you guys mad props because I don’t think people who have never done it understand either how much work and money it takes and how to do a successful show like yours you get mad props because it is show much damn work even to just getting the guests, its ridiculous.

Well thank you for the kind words. It is ridiculous it is ridiculous and then you



The interview with Brooke is hilarious and incredibly fast paced and absolutely worth the listen. You can keep up with Brooke on her websites www.beyouandfearlesslifecoach.com and www.brookelewis.com and also through Instagram and Twitter @brookelewisla Let us know what you thought about this episode, or any of the others in the comments below, or connect with us via Twitter

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