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Brooke Lewis – Actress


When faced with fear, dig deep inside, find your inner ‘vamp’ and Vamp It Out!”

These are the motivating words from an award winning actress, author, certified life coach, crowned “Scream Queen”, and self-professed “hot mess.” This week on The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes the beautiful and talented Brooke Lewis to talk about her busy career, the hauntings within her home, and to share how difficult creative gigs really are. (Both professionally and hobbyist levels)

While Brooke has had a successful, genre spanning career, some of her most notable roles are from the mystery thriller “iMurders”, mobster flick “Sinatra Club”, and of course her comedic and passion project alter-ego “Ms. Vampy”. Growing up in Philadelphia, Brooke quickly learned that her desire was for acting and soon left the City of Brotherly Love for her break at The Big Apple. After spending some time in a number of larger, Off-Broadway roles, the call of the sun and surf from the left coast became too strong so she packed up her things and headed for Hollywood. Brooke continues to reside in California but has not forgotten her PA roots and has since started “Philly Chick Pictures” which allows her more acting and writing opportunities. Brooke is also very active in multiple philanthropic endeavors that include women fighting breast cancer, at risk teens, and female empowerment.

Brooke is no stranger to the paranormal both on and off screen. While claiming to have never been on an “official” ghost hunt, she has had a number of regular encounters with spirits within her own home, and one even has a crush on her! But you have to listen to the episode for the details on that story. Brooke also admits that one of the most interesting things to do while in Los Angeles is to go on the “Dearly Departed” tour. So, while she may claim to have not been on a ghost hunt before, it sure seems like has been in enough situations to where ghosts are able to make their presence known.

The interview with Brooke is hilarious and incredibly fast paced and absolutely worth the listen. You can keep up with Brooke on her websites and and also through Instagram and Twitter @brookelewisla Let us know what you thought about this episode, or any of the others in the comments below, or connect with us via Twitter


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