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Bryan Hopkins


It is no surprise that conspiracy theories are a regular staple here on The Malliard Report. While a large number of people question the given narrative for many of the events that take place, (and the Las Vegas shooting is no exception) there is still an element that is often overlooked within the conspiracy circles. More often than not, a number of events are in fact orchestrated, or at a minimum allowed to happen, but there is a human element still attached to these situations. People still are affected by the events in many different ways, especially those that unfortunately bare witness first hand.
This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes Bryan Hopkins to the show. Bryan is a slightly different guest than the usual line up, in the fact that Bryan has no background in the paranormal or conspiratorial. Bryan is a full time musician; front-man/ lead singer for the band Elvis Monroe. The success of Elvis Monroe is not why Bryan and Jim sit down for this episode. It was the events that transpired on October 1, 2017.
Wanting to see Jason Aldean perform from the viewpoint of the crowd and “fanboy” with the rest of the people, Bryan and guitarist Ben Carey left the backstage area and moved their way to the front of the stage. Not long after chaos ensued. As shots rang out and people began to scatter, Bryan sprang into action. Grabbing two women and having survival mode kick into full gear Bryan began to flee for the backstage area. Discovering a large refrigeration truck, Bryan led the women into the safety and waited while hell unfolded around him.
Bryan’s story is far more in-depth that what can be provided here, harrowing to say the least, and to hear him tell it adds a human element that many conspiracy heads tend to forget. To check out Bryan’s band Elvis Monroe you can find them on Spotify, iTunes, and many other music streaming services (no paid advert here). Make sure to keep up with all things Malliard via Twitter @Malliard or through the website