Business and Spiritual Traditions?

but since you asked a more serious question, I have for . Yeah, I would say the better part of six or seven years have been quite fascinated by how religious traditions form what I call spiritual legacies or I coined this term with other spiritual capital which is embedded in cultures and particularly in corporate cultures. And uh, I had a number of projects where we looked at different spiritual traditions. Not only those in America, but around the world, the major religious traditions and how they colored corporate life. So as a result of that, I, I’ve written a couple books on the topic, some of them case study books, which is business professors, write Talking about companies, you know, what a micro economic sense, what x company is doing, what is corporate culture looks like. How, it makes certain decisions how it got where it is, what is vision and plans are for the future. And also, uh, I would say more philosophical books which look at these traditions and on Macro Lens. So you know, what, what is, uh, wrote a book called I’m doing virtuous business where I looked at a, I think it was upwards of 60 companies and how they form what I call a kind of arc of a more ethical capitals.

I’m just trying to figure it out. Give me an example what you’re focused on because spiritual things in business don’t necessarily connect in my mind.

Ted Malloch

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