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Call In About Ghosts 2017

Hey Jim, long time listener, first time caller…” it is that time again! Where Jim bubbles with anticipation and trembles in fear at the same time. The call in show. So jump on in and get ready for some spooky stories from the listeners, discussion on what types of places are the most active, particular locations that are deemed as some of the most haunted, and rapid fire questions directed at Jim.

There are two locations mentioned in this episode that are known for their particularly high levels of paranormal activity, and after some further research, share a gruesome common thread. First up on this short list is the former thriving town of Dumas Missouri. Once a bustling railroad hub in the late 19th century, Dumas quickly began to dry up and dissipate in the 1920s and 1930s as more people began to flock to larger cities. However, one particular individual felt the need to stay behind and is said to still be there to this very day. It is purported the apparition of a headless woman wanders the train tunnel and near the river looking for her severed head. Allegedly a victim that succumbed to the tragic train wreck of 1892. On May 5, 1892 a Santa Fe Railroad, California Express Line was crossing a truss bridge when the bridge itself gave way due to torrential floodings from a previous storm. Six of the seven cars plunged into the water and seven individuals were killed instantly. It is said that the woman was launched from the car and her head severed in the process. Longtime residents of the area are familiar with the story, with many of them claiming have to seen the woman themselves.

The next location on this list is one that if you are at all the least bit familiar with the paranormal, you will certainly know this location. The most haunted nightclub: The one and only Bobby Mackey’s. Featured on numerous paranormal television shows and documentaries, the high level of activity here draws enthusiasts from around the globe. While Mackey’s has stories attached to it ranging from Satanic practices, jealous murders of nightclub crooners of a bygone era, and overall slaughterhouse goodness, the one story that stands out above the rest is that of Pearl Bryan. The victim of a gruesome beheading due to an abortion that went horribly awry, she however is not the spirit causing all the trouble. It is said that Scott Jackson and Alonzo Walling vowed to haunt the place for eternity just prior to their demise at the gallows.

This is a fun episode that breaks away from the norm and gives a chance for the listeners to share their experiences as well. Keep up to date with all things Malliard (and to know when you can have your shot at being on the show too) at or via Twitter @Malliard. Many big things are on the horizon so stay tuned! Share with us on Twitter your favorite haunted location and remember to spread the word about The Report!