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Cameron Buckner

We’re back once again with another excellent week on The Malliard Report, and just like last time we’ve got a special guest with us that sits down with our host, Jim Malliard, to top about a host of different topics that ranges from the interesting, to the political, and to the exciting. Not one second of this week’s talk is mundane, so be sure to strap yourself in for a very special show.

However, before the show properly begins Jim Malliard took time to remind everyone who tuned into the show that “School of Errors: Rethinking School Safety in America” is still set to be released here shortly, and that on August 6th Author David P. Perrodin will be the Reports special guest. Any fans of the show with children ready to return to school should definitely tune in for an awesome show.

Now, onto this week’s show.

Our special guest this week is none other than Dixie Cryptids own Cameron Buckner, who took time away from his busy schedule to come and sit with Jim to talk about his YouTube channel, Movies, Stories, and other things. Though we’re getting ahead of ourselves here!

The first thing that Jim and Cameron Buckner talked about was how Cameron got his start – with our guest revealing that it was his Wife who suggested to him to start the YouTube channel as a way to tell the type of stories that Cameron wanted to tell, and a way to play around with YouTube and gain an audience. Naturally, as Cameron spoke, he didn’t expect it to go anywhere until it eventually did with an audience and attention.

As Jim Malliard explained, there’s a lot about Dixie Cryptid that draws in a lot of people to the show too, who enjoy tuning in (which links will be provided at the end). Not only does the YouTube channel host stories about Cryptid encounters, with such creatures as Bigfoot, Dogmen Aliens and other such beings who might-or-might-not exist, but the YouTube channel also has stories about these type of creatures too. From historical anecdotes from people who lived in the area before our time in ages past, to even local legends and stories that surround the area that they supposedly traverse.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys sitting around a campfire late at night and telling stories, as Cameron explains, then there’s a little bit of everything for you at Dixie Cryptid. Not only does Cameron Buckner enjoy sharing stories of these encounters by other people, but he also has a flair for the fictional as explains how some of the stories within Dixie Cryptid shouldn’t be taken at absolute face value as the reality of there being Bigfoot or other Cryptids, since some of the stories are also works of fiction that he himself has written to entertain fans and newcomers alike.

Shortly after explaining what his YouTube Channel is all about, and what it is about Dixie Cryptid that Cameron Buckner enjoys so much, the discussion soon segued into what sort of Cryptids that both our guest and host would like to see if they had a chance to encounter one.

Our guest answers first on which sort of Cryptids that he’d like to see first, which is an exciting answer that all fans of the show tuning in – first time watching or not – should stick around to listen to. As Cameron Buckner explained, he might be the host of a show that talks about Cryptid Encounters, but he’s a skeptic deep down inside who always is on the “maybe” side of things, so to encounter one would be a definite sure fire way for him to know for sure that Cryptids do in fact exist.

Our host, Jim, also gives his thoughts on the matter as well, which leads perfectly soon into a question that one member of the audience asks: Why then aren’t there better pictures of Cryptids even though everyone has access to HD camera’s at an affordable price now?

The answer from Cameron? He’s not entirely sure on why not, but that the question is at least an interesting one because it was one that he thought of sometimes too and had been asked. Theories abounded from both Jim and Cameron on why that’s so. Theories that range from extradimensional beings who aren’t observable by camera’s, to the events being so rare that even if someone had a phone on them they wouldn’t be prepared to take the Cryptids photo.

Which then segued into movies as one audience member asked which would be more plausible; a baseball diamond in a cornfield summoning dead baseball players or seeing Bigfoot coming out of the woods. Cameron taking control of the discussion to reveal that his favorite movie was “A Field of Dreams”, and then talking about the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” to which Jim Malliard revealed that he hadn’t seen it (an oversight that hopefully he corrects, as Cameron suggested – it is a good movie.)

The final major discussion topic of the evening then moved onto stories. Whether told, like Dixie Cryptid, or through the medium of books and movies; which tied up to the previous discussion points really well. Jim and Cameron both feeling that maybe the Movies of today aren’t as good as the movies of before, because there’s something that’s missing; something that makes all the movies of before have a bit of soul to them. Movies today, naturally, feeling a little soulless and nothing more than rehashes and pure cash grabs.

While the theories of why ranged from the political to the monetary and to the absurd to the profound, they’re both ultimately unsure of what it is.

However, there was much more that could be said about what Jim Malliard and Cameron Buckner talked about. At the end though, our time came to a close too soon as it always does, and Cameron Buckner had proved to be an excellent guest on the show with a lot of things to say. In fact, there was so much said and talked about in that one hour that we couldn’t fit it all within this summary.

So any fans of the show should tune in, sit back, and enjoy, and we’ll see you next week once again on the Malliard Report!