Can fame hurt you? Can being celebrity impact your business?

As we say I can appreciate that because at the end of the day we see the final product the T.V show or movie oh yeah this comes from the chatroom as well has your celebrity and or looks hurt or helped your celebrity, your dating coach, your life coaching, your dating advice, any of those situations.

[8:36] Oh wow thank you so much for saying wow I’m so flattered that’s really sweet of you to say I don’t I would put myself like everyone else does I sit and critique myself and say oh my booty’s to big I’m too short I’m too this too that you know. But thank you so much so its really sweet of you to say so you know honestly I mean sure yes yes I think whether I think that quote unquote celebrity and looks can sometimes help us whatever industry were in and can sometimes harm us whatever industry were in. I will share a great answer to that question you know obviously I’ve been acting for years and then the term scream queen was bestowed upon me and I love it and I embrace it and I’m grateful for it and when I launched my company and it was after the Ms. Vampy web series and after vamp it out and all of that when I was top fourteen show with all these positive messages I thought it would be responsible of me to go back to school for the kind of board certified life coach, moving along I launched my business and there have been a few times early on that I had when I was life coaching teen girls a lot and I had a few parents who like google searched me obviously and saw some sexy photos of me in lingerie on the internet now mind you guys let me clarify it was my choice and I don’t judge anyone I am no one to judge but I’ve never done nudity and so on I started my career on Broadway and I just felt that there was never a need for it and of course if score suddenly called tomorrow and said show your booty on camera naked I would but like I never had to. You know I chose not to so you know I’ve always chosen just whats right for me and to keep a level of integrity in the industry in that capacity and so for me so I think its so comical almost like they do not want their daughters to have me as a life coach because I had sexy photos on the internet. I think one had concerns that I was a horror scream queen like a horror actress like there was some dark negativity around that which again everyone is entitled to their opinion so yeah I mean I really that has affected me and I yes the answers too there are roles where I have been told or my agents have been told over the years that shes so pretty but shes too short you know shes not tall enough but so were going to send her away. For a Lingerie model she would need to be taller you know type of role shes certainly no Lingerie model and then times, the reverse there was a sitcom I was up for when I was young and i had just moved out here and I was up for the quirky funny best friend which is perfect for who I am and what I play and they said shes just a little too sexy – shes a little sexier than the lead actress who was a big named actress and we cant cast her. So on that note I’ve lost out because of that. You know and then on other times like there’s times where like I said because I’m shorty super shorty I’m only five feet tall so I’ve lost out on roles because I wasn’t tall enough or I wasn’t skinny enough or there’s always something so there I hope that answers your question. So yeah it can hurt you and it can also help you obviously.

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