Can we win the Lotto for ourselves with help from the other-side?

I’m supposed to ask you. What were, what are the. What would ask the board what Maryland’s pick free lotto numbers are for tomorrow.

Well, listen, German town, I love it

because I can. I’ve tried that myself and they say, we’re not here to get you rich, but we’re here to help you find your own answers. This is what’s so funny about that. Okay. So I’ve been using the board for a very long time as I mentioned. And so let me see. This is back in 1989 89 minutes. Eighteen 80, 90 bucks. Been Awhile.

I’m thinking that’s what the board was made. Okay, I’m 1990. Here we go. A hundred years later. Okay. Um, I’m using the board and I, and I, trust me, I’ve tried all these questions and everything and I know why they don’t give it. But let me tell you this, I wanted it so badly. I programmed myself when I went to sleep one night. This is an a, so not, I think it was 1990. I’d have to look at the dates again. I was, I moved to Texas a year earlier and it could have been 1992. Don’t, don’t quote me on. This was the early nineties. I know that the lottery was brand new in the state of Texas. Governor and Richard brought the lottery in to help, you know, bring in money to the state and I was super stoked because I was so excited I wanted to play the lottery.

I was old enough to play it. I was just excited. I hadn’t been in a state that where you could play the lottery before. So, um, I wanted to play it and I was just super excited about it. So I was asking if I can get the numbers. They said no and all that stuff. So I went to sleep and I got the numbers given to me in the dream. All of the numbers. I quickly woke up, wrote them down, but couldn’t remember the last number. Dang it. I did when I went to all the, I think it was a total of five, six numbers I want are on the five that I remembered. It was the last one I couldn’t remember and I did want a little bit of money. Um, but a lot of people, one that night, I think we all were on the same wave link and really wanted to win some money.

So I had to split with quite a few people, but you know, walking away with several hundred thousands, not thousands, several hundred dollars. I wish it was several hundred thousand dollars. Was Nice, was a nice little thing the first time I played the lottery so you can get those numbers. We have abilities to reach into that. I did it once, I haven’t done it since, but I also haven’t focused on it strongly but. But I’ve known other people who also have been able to do that. I had a friend of mine who won the lottery twice and she went thousands of dollars in each time and she just had an intuition to go down to her local. It was back then it was like a quick trip or 7:11 store buys by the ticket, went home and one did it two times in a row. Only two times she did it. She played a lottery in one. So it’s out there, it’s out there. I just, I don’t have all the secrets to get to get to it and I wished I did. If I did, I would tell you,

but I don’t play the lottery, but there is something to be said for this intention behind story about this please. I’m young as a younger gentleman at this point, foolish, you know. Anyways, so I had a $1 bill left, but waitress came back and brought them a chance. I had a $1 bill in my pocket, which I should be leaving for tip. I mean honestly, because that’s a dollar I would think. Well we drink. So it wasn’t like, you know. Oh I see. Okay. So it wasn’t like I had a full meal or having a sitting there carrying on with some people. They had A. I spent like a dollar on a drink. So dollar tip man. I said, you know what, there’s a lottery machine behind me. And I said, you know what? Gambling this dollar whenever I. When she gets a scratch off ticket, 1:20 bucks left

to take it on the table. Oh my God. I love that story. That’s beautiful. I’m so glad that you did that. You didn’t renege on it. You did it. Yeah.

Just left it and told her it was hers and she’s like, and then I’m sure she sees a lottery ticket on the table in. Thanks all this guy’s leaving me a dud because, you know,

I hope she knew it was a winter. Well, as I say, hopefully that story has a happy ending. I never forget that man. So that’s really. I like that story. That’s very cool.

Yeah. So the intention of. So maybe you need to get me not like Germantown. Honor was talking about that in a chair and it was  of course, oh that’s bad. But that, that’s, that’s a true story.

Karen Dahlman

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