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Carla Baron

In the summer of 2005, news headlines were dominated with the death of Pope John Paull II, Tony Blair winning a third term and the very strange case of Natalee Holloway. (So strange in fact, that a Malliard Report known Irish podcast featured an episode on it) Natalee went missing in Aruba after a high-school graduation trip, under very peculiar circumstances and her case was eventually closed in 2012 with no “official” explanation. The case has garnered the attention of many different true crime outlets, investigators, and today’s guest. This week Jim welcomes to the show psychic profiler and medium Carla Baron to the show.
“Carla became known throughout the globe for her real-life portrayal of a psychic crime fighter, starring in the hit TruTV (formally Court TV) series, “Haunting Evidence,” now in worldwide syndication. Ms. Baron appeared on several episodes of Biography’s “Dead Famous.” Her work as a psychic profiler was highlighted on ABC’s “Primetime,” and 20/20 for WE. MTV’s FEAR was Carla’s premiere foray into the paranormal, traveling all over the world on location, filming their documentary segments as official psychic for the haunting reality series. Today, Carla continues to work on cases that strike some sort of personal chord for her. Ms. Baron offers her assistance (pro bono) when accepting missing persons/ murder/ crime cases on an official basis.”
Carla is an exciting guest and certainly will be welcomed back so as to share the many experiences and insight that she has. To follow Carla or to reach out to her for your own session, head over to her website Remember that listening to The Malliard report is only a small portion of what is available. Head over to where you will find past episodes, merch, the live chat every Tuesday night (9 PM EST) and so much more. Remember to rate and subscribe on your favorite podcast app!