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Cathryn McIntyre

Listen“I ask for, not at once no government, but at once a better government…that government is best which governs not at all; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have.” These words penned by the great American essayist, poet, philosopher, abolitionist, naturalist, tax resister, development critic, surveyor, and historian, Henry David Thoreau; the prominent subject matter of this week’s guest on The Malliard Report.
This week, Jim welcomes Cathryn McIntyre to the show. Cathryn is “…an indie author and researcher who has studied the literary history of Concord Massachusetts for over 25 years in both university and independent settings. She is a natural psychic, an astrologer, occasional ghost hunter, and an avid genealogist with ancestral ties to the Mayflower and to historical writers Margaret Fuller and Henry David Thoreau. Cathryn is also known for her works The Thoreau Whisperer: Channeling the Spirit of Henry David Thoreau and Honor in Concord: Seeking Spirit in Literary Concord. Additionally, she is currently working on a fictional story that takes places in the seaside town of Marblehead Massachusetts.
On this episode, Jim and Cathryn dive deep into the philosophical playground that many of the thinkers of the past frequented regularly yet is widely abandoned in today’s modern movements. With the very pointed and blunt question “where are the real thinkers of today” being asked; a great conversation follows, however, one is left wondering that very same sentiment. With an absolute saturation of vapidity, narcissism and “insta”-gratification that is generated by an almost all-encompassing kiddie-pool level depth one cannot help but think this very same thought. One can only hope for a modern renaissance, but until then…”smash that like button, and don’t forget to subscribe.”
Cathryn is a fantastic guest that opens up on many different levels and topics for this episode. From her work as a medium and channeling writer to her experiences as an abductee, her thoughts on Ouija boards, and even when and how a person can open themselves up for spirit attachment. Cathryn is a very skilled writer and her enthusiasm shines through in her writings. You are able to purchase her works through major online retailers and of course, you can catch up with all of her latest through her website To keep up with all things Malliard, head over to where you can listen to past shows, sign up for the newsletter, and much more. You can also connect with Jim via Twitter @Malliard where you can share your thoughts on the show, request future guests, or simply just share your thoughts on a particular subject.